Climbing Club

Come check out what climbing club is all about

and how you can join this amazing group!

Who are we?

We are a group of college students who climb awesome routes, in awesome places, with awesome people. All the time. Whether you’ve been climbing for years or have never tried climbing before, the club is a great way to find information, gear, and climbing partners, as well as friendships and experiences that you will never forget!


We host frequent climbing events both indoors and outdoors where climbers of all skill levels are welcome. Catch us climbing at local gyms like the ARC and UB, or our home crag Jackson Falls!

What do we do?

We also give back

Trail days occur frequently during the year and involve improving pathways and picking up trash at climbing areas that we frequently visit such as Jackson, Red River Gorge, and the Holy Boulders (learn more about where we climb)


It is a great way for the club to give back to the places we love, and ensuring that these places are well maintained is crucial to keeping them open for public use.


We also might get in a little climbing afterwards 🙂

Okay, how can I join?

To join the club, you would need to fill in both the release form, as well as pay club dues ($25 per year or $15 per semester).


1) Download the release form, or get a copy from the Exec Board, then fill the form accordingly.

2) Submit your release form and club dues to an Exec Board member:

  • If you are paying using cash, pass the money along with the release form 
  • If you are paying through Venmo, show proof of the payment (e.g. transaction page) when handing up the release form
    • The club’s Venmo account username is ClimbingClubatUIUC

Also be sure to join our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with events!

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